Zuzanna Jadwiga Wrona 

Graphic designer based in Prague
and Reykjavik

︎  zuzannajadwigawrona@gmail.com
︎  wronazuzannna
︎ zuzannajadwigawrona


2022 - No No Yes Of Course,
Solo exhibition,
Ingólfsstræti 10, Iceland

2022 - Prague City University,
BA exhibition,
Biskupský dvůr 1147/6,
110 00 Nové Město, Czech Republic

2022 - Flæði for Rusl Fest,
Slavic Mythology,
Gufunes, Iceland 

2022 - Verkvinnslan & Gegnumtrekkur,
In your dreams,
Grandi, Iceland

Solo exhibition, Reykjavík 2022

Exhibition mainly focuses on my personal works that date between 2018-2022 and are solely based on interpretations of landscapes, dreams and memories of mine.

Prints are in sizes A2 or A3, printed on 200mg matt or semi-glossy paper, all framed in Ikea KNOPPÄNG frames in both black and white variants.