Zuzanna Jadwiga Wrona 

Graphic designer based in Prague
and Reykjavik

︎  zuzannajadwigawrona@gmail.com
︎  wronazuzannna
︎ zuzannajadwigawrona


2022 - No No Yes Of Course,
Solo exhibition,
Ingólfsstræti 10, Iceland

2022 - Prague City University,
BA exhibition,
Biskupský dvůr 1147/6,
110 00 Nové Město, Czech Republic

2022 - Flæði for Rusl Fest,
Slavic Mythology,
Gufunes, Iceland 

2022 - Verkvinnslan & Gegnumtrekkur,
In your dreams,
Grandi, Iceland


Poetry book ISKRY by Konrad Wróblewski (author) and Zuzanna Wrona(illustrator).
The nature of the book reveals human sensitivity and tackles topics of melancholia, loneliness, memories of the author himself as well as recollections of people and environments he’s been around. The core of his works often implicates love, depression, reality as well as sadness it's surrounded with. Illustrations on the other hand are a visual representation and interpretations of the authors words, all created with ink on paper.